Racist History Of Modern Gynaecology

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J. Marion Sims, called “the father of modern gynaecology,” purchased Black women slaves and exploited them as research subjects for his unproven surgical experiments. He repeatedly conducted genital surgery on Black women WITHOUT ANESTHESIA because “Black women don’t feel pain,” he claims.

One of those ladies, Anarcha, was an African-American slave woman who was forced to undergo surgical procedures while sitting on all fours and fully awake on Sims’ table without the use of any anesthesia.

Between 1845 and 1849, Anarcha was operated on 34 times. Dr. Sims was able to perfect his procedures and develop his gynaecological equipment as a result of these surgeries.

Anarcha, along with other nameless slave women, deserve to be referred to as the “MOTHERS OF GYNAECOLOGY

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