Rabbit And Hare What’s The Difference!

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Rabbit And Hare:

Rabbit And Hare belong to the Leporidae family of tiny mammals and have large ears. The primary distinction is that all young rabbits are born blind and hairless, and all but cottontails give birth underground in burrows. After a 30-31 day gestation period, they are born with closed eyes and no fur. Instead of fleeing from danger, rabbits choose to hide. They live underground in burrows dug into the dirt in ecosystems that are primarily made up of trees and plants.

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Rabbit And Hare

Hares however construct their nests on the ground. Because they are born fully furred and with open eyes, their offspring are far more likely to survive on their own than newborn rabbits. Additionally, hares tend to be bigger and have longer ears, following a gestation period of about 42 days. They are runners and prefer open settings like prairies, where they build their nests in tiny, uncovered depressions.

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