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Why Do Reindeer Eyes Turn Gold In The Summer And Blue In The Winter?

To cope with the dark, gloomy winters and bright, sunny summers, their eyes change color. Their irises have a frosty blue color in the winter...

13 Benefits of Chanting the Mantra OM ॐ

The sacred syllable OM, , is the primary symbol of God, a deity who manifests himself in an infinite variety of shapes, colors, and...

Environment Care

Care for Environment makes us the Real Human Being

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Why The Last Rites Should Be Performed During Daytime?

Sanatana Dharma consists of sixteen rites and rituals to follow when you are alive. The majority of religions in the world believe in burying...

Who are Aghoris? Have you heard about them!

Being in India, we most often come across them in streets, temples etc. But how often do we make an effort to know who...

How Vitamins And Minerals Work?

Vitamin A Good for eyes, teeth and skin Vitamin B Good for immune function, iron absorption and energy production Vitamin C Good for strengthening blood Vessels, skin elasticity, anti-oxidant...

Normal composition of blood

W.B.C - 4000-10000/Cmm.R.B.C ...

Types of Headache

Tension head ache A mild to severe ache that feels like a tight band around the head.A tension headache can be caused by a variety...

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