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Why you should eat your placenta after childbirth!

According to new research that includes eating human placenta's, there's been a recent surge in interest in placentophagy or the practice of eating the...

10 Things You Should Know About Chinese Cuisine

The dietary habits of many nations vary. Chinese cuisine may have been available in your nation, but China is a different place. This article...

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Shurpanakha – Ravana’s Instigator in the Abduction of Sita

The Ramayana's characters are as well-known as the Hindu epic itself. The story not only discusses Rama and Sita's love, but it also teaches...

The Greatest Teacher of Advaita Vedanta-Adi Shankaracharya

Adi Shankaracharya was a prominent Vedic guru, philosopher, and teacher known as Adi Shankara or the First Shankara. From a young age, Adi Shankaracharya...

How do vaccines work?

In 1796, the scientist Edward Jenner injected material from a cow pox virus into a 8 year old boy with a hunch that this...

Is it true that pressing your breasts is good for your health?

It is well understood that in order to be healthy and happy, you must be in sync with your body. Being in sync with...

Why do women have period? – Dr Sharon Rasquinha

A period (menstruation) is normal vaginal bleeding that is a natural part of a healthy monthly cycle for a women with uterus and ovaries.A...

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