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Why do Doctors prescribe some medicines after food and some before food?

Food interferes with absorption of many drugs . so the effective amount of drug, that enters the blood from the stomach and reached the...

Facts, Traditions, and the Origin of Christmas

Christmas, or Xmas, as it is often known, is a widely observed holiday. It is observed every year on the 25th of December to...

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Knowing the difference between the atman and the brahman

We are frequently perplexed by the terms Atma and Brahman. What are the similarities and differences between these two concepts? Atma is a part...

The Fascinating Story Of Ravana, According To Lanka

The Ramayana isn't merely a story about Lord Rama defeating Ravana and saving Sita for us. Despite the numerous challenges, it is about good...

What’s inside a pimple?

What's inside a pimple? The white puss is packed with cocktail mix of bacteria,dead skin cells,whiteblood cells and oily waxy material called sebum underside the...

6 Nail Health Myths You May Have Heard That Just Aren’t True

MYTH: GEL AND ACRYLIC NAIL MANICURES CAUSE NAIL DAMAGE Whether you do it yourself or go to a salon, keep in mind that each phase...

Facts you need to know about semen.

A typical male ejaculate is only about half a tea spoon although it doesn't seem much. it can still result in a successful...

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