21 Strict Laws In North Korea

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  • Foreign music and movies are prohibited.
  • Calling from abroad is illegal
    The death penalty may result from disloyalty to the ruler.
  • Punishment across three generations
  • Just haircuts that have received government approval
  • custom basketball rules
  • Living in the national capital requires permission
  • Students must purchase their own desks and chairs.
  • In North Korea, the Bible is forbidden.
  • iPads and computers are not permitted.
Strict Laws In North Korea
  • severe customs regulations
  • North Korean prison systems
  • alternative calendar
  • In the election, there will only be one leader.
  • Their sole authentic leader is Kim Il Sung.
  • Unlawful use of marijuana
  • Blasphemy is regarded to be insulting Kim and his family.
  • not permitted to depart the country
  • strict regulations for visitors
  • Service in the military is required.
  • power outages every evening

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