Musical Pillars In Theruneveli Nelaiyappar Temple

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When one of the musical pillars of Tirunelveli’s Nellaiappar – Kanthimathi Ambal temple is touched, vibrations are produced from the neighboring pillar. A core pillar is surrounded by 48 tiny cylindrical pillars of various girth.

The primary pillars are constructed as musical instruments, with seven lesser pillars emitting melodic sounds. The sound quality of each note emanating from these pillars varies, as does the percussion, string, or wind instrument being played.

The initial complex is said to have been constructed by the Pandyas, with the current masonry construction added by the Cholas, Pallavas, Cheras, and Madurai Nayaks. Nindraseer Nedumaran (Koon Pandian), who ruled in the 7th century AD, built the temple sanctums and gopurams.

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