Meaning Of Indian Rupees Symbol

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The symbol was created by D.UDAYA KUMAR, a B.Arch. student of visual communication at IIT Mumbai and the son of N. DHARMALINGAM, a former DNK, MLA. The selection process was challenged in the Delhi High Court under the Right to Information Act. The rupee sign is derived from the DEVANAGARI CONSONENT and introduced by capital “R” by removing one vertical line and adding two horizontal lines on top with white space between them, are said to make an allusion to the tricolor (INDIAN FLAG), and symbolize the nation’s desire to reduce economic disparities. In July 2010, coins bearing the new Indian rupee symbol entered circulation.

A symbol should represent a meaningful thought. Meaning is like Soul to a symbol; without soul, the body is nothing; without deeper, sensible, and thought-provoking meaning, the symbol is pointless.

This symbol truly represents our country, our traditions, our nation’s economy, and its currency.

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