Love Story Of Arjuna And Subhadra – Planned By Lord Krishna

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Hindu dharma stories have a wide variety of characters, many of them are profoundly mysterious and will confound you. But the intricately knit emotions and struggles that each character faces also arouses indelible fascination in future generations. It is said that both Subhadra and Arjun fell in love with each other,at their first meeting in Balarama’s house.

Subhadra, the younger sister of Sri Krishna and Balarama and the ex-wife of Pandava prince Arjuna, is one of many such figures. Thus, across the entire Mahabharata epic, Subhadra and Arjun love tale has served as the model for self-sacrificing love.

The Pandava Prince Arjuna spent a lot of his time travelling. He loved travelling to holy places, performing penance, and enjoying spiritual travels after being exiled for a gruelling 12 years. He eventually arrived in Prabhasa, a historic town on the west coast of the Bharat Brasa. It is the word used at the time to describe to the majority of the modern Indian subcontinent.

The splendid city of Dwarka, which Lord Krishna had constructed nearby Prabhasa, is where the epic tale of romance was chronicled.

The princess, who was reported to be of unrivalled beauty and gifted with every womanly quality, had captured Arjuna’s attention. However, much to his dismay, Krishna informed him that plans were being made to marry the princess to Duryodhan.

Balarama, the older brother of Lord Krishna, wanted to wed Subhadra to Duryodhan. He reached the city in accordance with Lord Krishna’s plan while hiding his identity. He went under the appearance of a renunciant or Vaishnava sanyasi. As was to be expected, Balaram, who loved sages and ascetics, invited the Vaishnava Sanyasi offered to help the renunciant. He had no idea that the renunciant was Arjuna, prince of the Pandavas.


She radiated such beauty that Arjun was powerless to resist falling head over heels in love with her. Fortunately, things turned out well for him. Subhadra, upon close examination, saw that the young sage actually possessed more princely traits than the arrogant Kuru prince Duryodhan. Their affection for one another only deepened over the course of several weeks.

In a private conversation on one occasion, Sri Krishna revealed to his sister that she had feelings of admiration for the odd sanyasi. The Pandava prince Arjuna was revealed to be the guru by Krishna at that point. She found it hard to believe everything that had occurred. She likewise had a passionate and profound love for the Pandava prince.

When the monsoon season was over, the rains finally stopped, and Arjuna was ready to depart Dwaraka. He was distraught because he had to leave his lover. But once more, Krishna came to his aid. Krishna then informed him about the event that all the Yadus would be attending at the Raivataka hill. He may have a chance, said Lord Krishna.. He did, however, add that capturing the princess when she was with her friends and family would be the only opportunity for the lovers to reunite.


All of Dwaraka’s notable figures, including King Ugrasena, were present on the festival day. The scene was so magnificent that it resembled the assembly of the Gods. And Arjuna, now dressed as normal, ascended his chariot as the Yadus played and had fun in the enticing woodlands on the Raivataka.

Without waiting, Arjun pushed the horses. He dashed toward the princess when he saw Subhadra surrounded by her friends and maidservants at a Vishnu temple. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her onto the chariot. Before anyone could respond, he dashed back to Indraprastha in the north.

The Yadus were furious when they learned that their princess had been kidnapped. Who could have had the audacity to steal their princess in front of their eyes? It was a rallying cry. In the Yadu court, a council of war was swiftly put together. Balaram scowled at everyone in the group, the ferocity in his eyes flashing like fire. The Pandava war looked unrelenting.

The crowd was then calmed by Lord Krishna. According to Lord Krishna, that has always been the warrior’s way. It was the chosen technique has been favoured by strong heroes. Balaram was worried that the Pandava Prince would be disrespecting the Kingdom by kidnapping the Princess. Instead of undermining our glory, he has increased it.

An alliance with the Pandavas, and in particular with Arjun, was suggested by Lord Krishna as being appropriate. Arjun was a proud member of the Bharata race. He came from their own family and was the legendary Kunti’s son. Arjuna was unbeatable in battle by any man on the planet.


He was now riding Krishna’s chariot and would be challenging to stop. Most importantly, Subhadra and Arjun made a compatible couple. It would be better if they dispatched speedy messengers to bring him home in peace and make plans for a decent nuptial. That would strengthen the camaraderie created by the marriage and prevent the embarrassment of being vanquished by Arjun.

A wonderful event was held, and the city was festooned with flags. In front of the sacred fire, Arjuna took Subhadra’s hand and accepted it with the Rishis’ blessings.

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