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VASTU SHASTRA is a scientific process that deals with the construction and architecture, Analyzing negativity in your Space. It works by balancing five elements of nature– Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Space.

With VASTU every problem comes with a solution; be it sales, branding, suppliers, legal, finance or banking, profit generation and even personal Problems. We understand from you the concerns and suggest simple solutions to get your life and business back on track. Bring the zeal in life: Simple changes in the form of symbols, colours, lights, sculptures, etc., will make a difference in your life. You know you should take some healthy decisions but do not know where or how to start. Happily for all of us, health and happiness is just a few steps away, thanks to simple VASTU remedies. You need to cleanse your mind and body. By retuning your energies to their proper functional levels, soon you will observe a quantum leap in mental agility, physical strength, energy and confidence.

There are various earth energies and the five elements (fire, water, earth, air and space) that determine the shape and quality of your life. These constitute your house or office and if these zones are balanced, you will be happy in all respects. However, some zones are chiefly responsible for mental and physical cleansing so that you keep good health. The respective zones must be balanced. Here “balance” means avoiding location of bad activities, anti-colours and objects that are not synchronous with the natural energies of these areas. You can easily do it yourself after proper scientific analysis. Applying the logics on the basis of practical case studies, you can easily check how the colours, objects, shapes and activities in your house are affecting your mind to give a certain outcome in your life.

Space Alchemist Imthyaz reveals ancient “LIFE SUCCESS” secrets with Proper Scientific Vastu

Imthyaz says VASTU works as a vehicle, making the route to reach the destination safely in optimum time. VASTU program’s your outer space to use your inner space to work perfectly. This holds good for business and offices of all sizes, especially where your income, livelihood and prosperity are bound together. You will succeed along with others you employ, if your business does well.


It has all the answers, designs and treatments for a prosperous life. People who can connect you with your own self, will be living just like you do, like normal people and do not take the place of God. The moment you are connected with your own self, you don’t need anyone to become your ruler and start creating your own new world. You can bring your mind to a state which is free from all chaos, and there is absolute clarity where the mind is in a floating state. VASTI SHASTRA is an alchemy of space with architectural science and harnessing the laws of Nature to align with the bio-magnetic fields of earth. No religion is involved here.

VASTU techniques can be used to reach many goals in our lives:

• Revive stuck projects or factories

• Recovering blocked funds

• Increasing sales

• Ensuring positive health and well-being

• Creating meaningful relationships based on love and affection.

• Increase fame, personal influence on your own destiny

• Get good business support from banks as loans

If your problem stays persistent then there is a reason and it builds up into a stressful or unhappy life. Business or relationships can get affected and it eventually eats up the joy in life.

Here are some tips that will surely help you to stay positive and bring positive changes in your life.

1. It is best to avoid shades of red, pink, dustbin, old newspapers and kitchen in the north-east direction as these objects create a confusion in mind.

2. To attract positive thinking, place your God in the northeast zone. This will improve your connectivity with universal consciousness and your own higher self which will help broaden your perspective of life. The process of cleansing will start soon and you will see the path of growth with a healthy mind.

3. The dustbin and bedroom in the east-southeast will hamper a healthy state of mind. Place a dustbin in the Western South West to improve your ability to “let go” and get on with life and stop cribbing about petty issues.

4. It is important not to have your bedroom in the Northern Northwest zone; you will experience blocked emotions, start having regrets and grudges and feel compelled to spew out your negative thoughts. This will affect your relationships, contacts and your growth in life. 5. Keeping your Northwest clear of negativity will bring you good Business Support in the form of Loans or supportive Partners. Balance yourself and choose your life and model your house accordingly, based on SOULARKITECT concepts, in today’s fast paced life, it has all the mantras to attract money, love and happiness.

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Imthyaz A C

Professional Vastu Acharya, Space Alchemist, Paranormal, Karmic and Soul Healer and Founder at SOULARKITECT

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