Kopi Luwak – The Cat Poop Coffee | World’s Most Expensive Coffee

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Kopi Luwak originated in Indonesia and is primarily made there. Indonesian terms for coffee and the civets that consume coffee cherries are Kopi and Luwak, respectively. Because Asian Palm Civets are indigenous to south and southeast Asia, the coffee is often referred to as Kopi Luwak or Civet Cat Coffee. The coffee is taken from the partially digested coffee cherries in the excrement of the civets after they have eaten the coffee cherries.

We must understand that coffee beans are the seeds found in coffee cherries in order to comprehend how the civets digest the beverage. It is said that when foraging, wild civets choose the ripest/best cherries. After the cherries are consumed, the civets’ enzymes degrade the cherry’s outer layers, exposing the beans inside. Additionally, some of the coffee’s caffeine and acidity are removed by the natural enzymes in the civets’ intestines. This gives the coffee the smooth flavor and scent that have made it so popular.

The partially digested coffee beans are then expelled by the civet. The coffee beans are then washed, sorted, and shipped. The costly price of coffee is a result of both its rarity and the civets’ ability to ferment the beans. But the craze surrounding kopi luwak has a nasty side.

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