Komodo Dragon- The Large Lizard

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Komodo Dragon are captivating creatures in Wildlife. The name grabs the attention, let’s explore more about them.

Komodo dragons are reptiles belonging to Varanidae family. They grow up to 3 meters horizontally and weigh 91 kilograms. Usually found in Indonesian islands. The diet they stick to be carnivorous. Scientifically known to be Varanus komodoensis. They tend to be venomous. Komodo Dragons have a strong tail which is as long as their body. They can swim for long with consistency and even walk at a speed of 12 km/h.

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Population: The female Komodo Dragon mates once a year lay up to 30 eggs, which they bury in the earth until they hatch eight months later. They can even reproduce in parthenogenesis process where they don’t need a male, as they have both male and female sex chromosomes.

Conversely, they come under Vulnerable category since the people have been poaching, destroying their habitat, even the tourism has interrupted their mating. Alternatively, in 1980, Indonesia established Komodo National Park to protect the Komodo dragon and its habitat.

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