Difference between IVF and Surrogacy;

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IVF or invitro fertilization helps you with a fertilization and the development of embryos useing your own ganetes or someone else’s gametes and the emplementation of those embrios in to your self to help another women to get pregnant.

Surrogacy is a fertility treatment that may or may not require you lending your own genes to create and embryo,but the resulting embryo is transferred into the uterus another women who will carry the baby to full term on your behalf.

The IVF procedures signal the beginning of the entire process whether or not your working with a surrogate. Surrogacy comes after you have the IVF procedures taken care of.

One of the first thing that’s going to happen in the IVF process is the doctor is going to help you established a timeline.The timeline is going to be based on your menstrual cycle and the preparation of the medicines for the however will be donating their eggs for the IVF procedures whether that’s you or a egg donar.

The next step in the process ovarian stimulation.this is when you will be given medication to stimulate the ovaries to produce the mass quantity of eggs that we hope to go in an retrieve for the cycle.Usually this is done with inject-able medications but it can also be done with oral medication.Next is the trigger injection. This is a hormonal injection given to the women to help trigger ovulation. next comes the egg retrieval and the semen collection.This is were the doctors uses a ultra sound guided probe with a needle attached to accomplish it.

Now that we have eggs and sperms its time to introduce the two and this is the fertilization and embryo development portion.The process were the embryo logistics fertilize the eggs with a retrieved sperm and they are placed in an incubator overnight and allowed to develop into blasto-cysts.Then comes the embryo transfer.When the mother or the surrogate will come to the clinic and the doctor will transfer the embryo into the uterus with the hope that it will implant.

IVF and surrogacy are certainly related but they are not necessarily the same. Surrogacy depends on the IVF process and the IVF process often ends in a surrogacy journey

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