Is July a good time to visit Goa?

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It actually depends on your travel preferences if July is a suitable time to visit Goa. While determining whether to travel to Goa in July, keep the following things in mind:

From June to September, Goa experiences monsoon season, which means there will be a lot of rain and a lot of humidity throughout this time. While the surroundings can be very lush and green, this might not be the best season to go trekking or to the beach.

Crowds: Although July is not Goa’s busiest travel month, you might be able to avoid the hordes that swarm to the area’s beaches and other attractions during the winter. And others can have shortened hours or be closed altogether.

Price: Travelers may find that Goa’s lodging and transportation costs are cheaper during the monsoon season, making it a more affordable option.

Festivals: July is a fantastic time to visit Goa if you’re interested in taking part in its cultural events and festivals. During this month, monsoon festivals like Bonderam and Sao Joao are held, giving tourists an opportunity to experience the state’s distinctive traditions and customs.

In conclusion, July can be a terrific time to visit Goa if you don’t mind the rain and are searching for a more affordable and less busy holiday. Nonetheless, it could be preferable to schedule your trip for a different season if you’re particularly interested in beach activities or wish to avoid the rainy season.

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