Is Dumping Oil Hazardous?

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  • Crude Oil such as petrol, diesel, etc shouldn’t be dumped underground or left in water.
  • People who change their own motor oil, the only legal way to dispose of the dirty oil is to place it in a clean, leak-proof container with a tight lid, such as an empty milk jug. It should never be mixed with antifreeze, solvents, bleach, or other substances. The used oil should then be taken to a registered collection center. Most quick lube service centers, such a Jiffy Lube, Quick Lube, Wal-mart Tire and Lube Express, and Auto Zone, accept used motor oil for recycling.
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  • The above picture shows some recycling tips 1. To let the oil cool after cooking, pour in a disposable container (recommended to solidify or freeze ) and throw it into the trash. 2. Reuse and Recycle 3. DO NOT pour into the garbage can directly, nor into sink nor into the toilet.
    • Reuse and Recycle: cool the used cooking oil, filter it using a clean cloth or filter, and pour it into a clean container with a lid(airtight if available).
    • or else you can also boil some starch or raw chopped potatoes(don’t eat after use) allow it to cool and filter the oil and throw away the starch/potatoes using a disposable container.
    • You can use the used cooking oil for maximum of 5 weeks or before it becomes rancid, it has to get disposed of.
  • There are services to collect used cooking oil from restaurants and elsewhere. This oil is then turned into biofuel.
  • You can also pour used organic oil (like coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil) out on the base of a tree; microbes will break it down and will act as terrific fertilizer.

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