Inside Burj Khalifa

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from the top to the bottom

up to 160 – The technical part—the spike—is here. The part that makes Dubai tower the biggest in the world is actually that, so there.

156-159 – The communication and transmission center of the tower is located here; these are the levels where the “magic” takes place, if you will.

155 – This is sort of the tower’s mechanical center. Additionally, it is the tower’s highest mechanical point.

139-154 – The upscale portions, formally termed as “Corporate Suites,” are located on these floors. In the future, you might even be fortunate enough to work here.

136-138 – There are more mechanical components on these floors.

125-135 – Here are some of those opulent “Corporate Suites” that we were raving about previously. Nice.

124 – This is the recognized top portion. Despite not being at the top, it is dubbed “At The Top.” Not really clear of the reason.

123 – The Sky Lobby on this floor is the tallest. Get ready to witness one of the greatest views of Dubai you will ever have.

122 – Atmosphere is located on this floor. In the upcoming months, there is another location you ought to be aware of.

More Corporate Suites, 111–121.

109-110 – more technical information

77-108 – A select few incredibly lucky people will be allowed to live on these floors. We don’t often feel envious.

76 – Another Sky Lobby may be found on this floor. Perfect if you lack the courage to climb higher.

73-75 – more technical things.

44-72 – More apartments for the fortunate few.

43 An additional sky lobby

40-42 – more technical information

38-39 – The suites on these floors are part of the Armani Hotel.

19-37 – More apartments for the fortunate few

17–18 More technical information

The Armani Residences, 9–16

1-6 – The Armani Hotel, The Armani Hotel’s grounds, Concourse Hotel by Armani

Parking, mechanical, B1-B2

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