Did You Know? How Gecko Lizards Drink Water?

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Gecko Lizards use their tongue to collect water captured on its eye. The rare reptiles use the technique to drink moisture from coastal mist in Namibia, Africa. It also needs to ensure its eyes are kept moist, as it doesn’t have any eyelids.

While some animals have developed ways of extracting water from the food they eat, or reducing water lost through evaporation, desert dwelling lizards or Gecko Lizards don’t drink water at all; they absorb it through their skin. Scientists have always suspected that lizards absorb water much like their amphibious neighbors.

During misting, Leopard Geckos often drink the sprayed water drops which are enough for their daily water needs. What is this? In case there is no water for them to drink, daily misting, sometimes misting more than once a day is suggested for the well-being of the Leopard Gecko.

They draw fluid up against the pull of gravity. They absorb water and keep water in and out. When the lizards are wet, they would raise their bodies and lower their heads. Lizards use gravity to channel the water down towards their mouths.

Geckos are not such kind of lizards who belong to an extremely wet environment. Rather, like the majority of the reptiles all over the world, their habitats are dry and warm areas. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t require water.

Despite being used to heat and humidity; Leopard Geckos still need water to stay hydrated.

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