Here’s How Much Alcohol A Person Can Drink, According To Their Age

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How much alcohol is safe to consume?

In comparison to someone who doesn’t drink any alcohol, the research shows how much of it a person can consume before running a significant risk to their health.

The suggested daily intake of alcohols is 0.136 standard drinks for adults ages 15 to 39. In this age range, it is 0.273 drinks per day for women.

The suggested amounts ranged from around half a standard drink per day (0.527 drinks for men and 0.562 drinks for women) to almost two standard drinks per day for individuals 40 and older who were healthy at baseline (1.69 drinks for males and 1.82 for females).

A little bit more than three standard drinks per day (3.19 drinks for men and 3.51 drinks for women) are advised for persons over 65.

It depends on the type of alcohol you’re consuming, such as beer, wine, gin, or whiskey. Different levels of alcohol are present in each of them. The cut-off point is one standard drink per day and no more than 10 standard drinks per week. 15 to 30 ml should make up one drink. One standard drink is defined as 10 grams of pure alcohol

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