First Women officer of Azad hind Fauj(INDIAN NATIONAL ARMY) Lakshmi Swaminathan.

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“Popularly known as Captain Lakshmi Sahgal”

Captain Lakshmi was born in Kerala as Lakshmi Swaminathan. She worked as a doctor after receiving her diploma in gynaecology and obstetrics. She joined the Indian National Army in 1943 and rose through the ranks to become the captain of the women’s regiment “Rani of Jhansi.” She was an Indian independence movement revolutionary, an officer in the Indian National Army, and the Azad Hind Government’s Minister of Women’s Affairs. In 1945, she was captured and underwent the infamous “INA trial” in Red Fort.

President K. R. Narayanan bestowed the Padma Vibhushan on Sahgal in 1998. In the presidential election of 2002, she ran as the sole opponent of A.P.J Abdul Kalam (born 15 October 1931), who won. Sahgal passed away on July 23, 2012, at the age of 97, in Kanpur.

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