Facts About Pregnancy

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  • Nearly half of the 6.7 million pregnancies in the US are unplanned and of these 43% end in abortion.
  • A women’s uterus will expand about 500 times its original size during pregnancy.
  • A women who consistently use birth control have just 5% of unintended pregnancies in the US.
  • 9/10 women have some sort of vaginal tearing during birth. Some tears can reach to the anus and even the muscles effecting the anus.
  • Women with incomes at or below the poverty lines are 5 times more likely than those that highest income levels to have unplanned pregnancy.
  • Worldwide, there are between 40-50 million abortions every year or 125000 abortions per day
  • Milk production and lactation’s can begin as early as the 2nd trimester of some women.
  • Pregnant women at a healthy weight should eat an extra 300 calories per day.
  • Approximately 10% of pregnancy will end in a miscarriage often before a women even knows she’s pregnant.
  • fetus steam-cells can migrate through the placenta into the mothers organ, including the heart kidney, skin, muscles, thyroid and lungs.
  • The first pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, gave birth to baby girl.in 2008
  • Just under 5 lakh babies are born each year in US to teenage mothers
  • Globally one women dies every 90 seconds in pregnancy or in childbirth, amounting to over 350000 women every year.
  • Pregnant women usually experience a high-tend sense of smell beginning late in the first trimester.
  • Each year between 11-20% of women or around 6,00,000 women who give birth suffer from postpartum depression in the US alone.
  • Women can develop varicose veins not only in their legs but also in their vagina and vulva during pregnancy
  • Women who snore during pregnancy are more likely to have a C-section and to have smaller babies.
  • During pregnancy a women’s body releases a hormone called relaxin to loosen joints and ligaments in preparations for delivery
  • A pregnant women grows a entirely a new organ during pregnancy, the placenta.
  • The average size of a full-term baby is 8 pounds. This is increase from an average size of 6 pounds 30 years ago
  • Approximately 90% of baby can survive outside the womb at 28 weeks.
  • During the second half of pregnancy the fetus will begin to pee. about a liter a day. The fetus swallows most of it.
  • Becoming pregnant while already pregnant is rare , but it is possible. A women in Arkansas carried 2 children with 2 different due dates.
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