Facts About Japanese Culture That Will Blow Your Mind

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Looking for some fascinating Japanese cultural facts? Because there is so much to learn about this incredible country.

  • Flower Arranging In Japan Is Taken To A Whole New Level.
  • People in Japan used to believe that earthquakes were caused by a catfish.
  • In Japan, you are traditionally one year old the moment you are born.
  • In Japan, children must be of a certain age to visit shrines.
  • In the summer, many people dress traditionally.
  • Putting Chopsticks In Your Food bowl Should Be Avoided.
  • When a curtain is drawn outside a restaurant, it usually indicates that it is open.
  • In Japan, being loud on the train is considered impolite.
  • Even the way you hand over a business card is important.
  • In Japanese culture, bowing is very important.
  • Gambling is illegal in Japan, but people get around it by playing pachinko.
  • Everybody ReadsĀ Manga(comics).
  • ‘Flower Viewing’ is what Hanami means.
  • In Japan, people bathe naked together.
  • Wearing Shoes Inside Is Not Normal.
  • For 1,400 years, Japan was almost entirely vegetarian.
  • There is a type of Japanese cuisine that is inspired by Western cuisine.
  • In Japan, eating alone is very acceptable.
  • Clapping is used during praying at shrines.
  • Japanese People Are Often Shinto And Buddhist.

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