Facts About Blinking

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Since humans blink every six seconds, this indicates that during the course of a month, our eyes are closed for more than one day. The time between blinks typically ranges from 2 to 10 seconds; in a lab setting, average blink rates hover around 10 per minute. Children only blink once or twice per minute on average, which is significantly less than the rate at which adults blink.

Perhaps you’ve read that women blink almost twice as frequently as men. Never trust it—it is a myth. A blink typically lasts between 10 and 400 milliseconds. Microsleeps were characterized as closures longer than 1000 milliseconds.

Blinking of the eyes may be a sign of a medical illness. For instance, frequent blinking may be a sign of Tourette syndrome, strokes, or neurological diseases. Parkinson’s illness is linked to a slower blinking rate. Parkinson’s patients have a distinctive, recognizable serpentine stare.

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