During a dig in Ecuador, archaeologists discovered something quite strange.

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You are looking at the skull of an infant, wearing the skull of another child.

At cemeteries close to the tribe’s residence, they discovered this on the bodies of two children.
Several theories exist on the children’s use of the skull.
The fact that the children were wearing skulls while out and about is less significant in their eyes than the funeral customs.
The tribe was located close to a volcano. They speculate that it may have been done in an effort to relieve some other kind of natural tragedy that had occurred or as a way to give good omens to the volcano as it started to flare up.

Another theory is that it’s part of a plan to transport the corpses to the afterlife with a guardian of some kind.

In either case, the ritual is unsettling. They also discovered a finger bone trapped between the two skulls, as if that weren’t creepy enough.

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