This Herb is no less than insulin and it will help you control your blood-sugar!!

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Diabetes is a risk for people of all ages. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are the two types. In youngsters, an inadequate supply of insulin typically results in type 1 diabetes. Those with type 2 diabetes have an inadequate level of insulin. Diabetes is a chronic medical disorder that interferes with how your body uses food as fuel. Long-term insulin deficiency increases the chance of developing major illnesses such heart disease, blindness, and renal damage.

Guduchi is Giloy’s alternate name. It has a heated effect. This bitter herb has a sweet nectar-like effect on a variety of illnesses, including immunity, asthma, cold and cough, anaemia, and jaundice. In addition, it has an anti-hyperglycemic characteristic that lowers blood sugar levels, making it advantageous for those with diabetes.


Trikatu: This dish is made by combining three herbs: dried ginger, long pepper, and black pepper. The anti-diabetic benefits of these spices are abundant. Work on raising metabolism as well.

Trikatu churna

The neem tree is a useful one. Its medicinal qualities are helpful in treating a variety of illnesses, from diabetes to the removal of snake venom. Neem’s anti-hyperglycemic effects aid in blood sugar regulation. In addition to neem, bitter medications like Madhunadhini and Gudmar aid in lowering blood sugar levels.


Other herbs, like curry leaves, moringa, cinnamon, fenugreek, arjuna, and ashwagandha, are also helpful in treating diabetes.

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