Benefits of Neem Tree on our planet you must know!!!

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The neem tree is called the village pharmacy, it is considered one of the most important and anciently used trees in India. Neem trees are considered native to Indian and African subcontinents. Importance of neem tree has always been high in India specially in Ayurveda.

Importance of Neem Tree

1. neem treats several diseases:

Top to bottom, neem trees are full of several qualities. Neem tree leaves, flowers, sees, fruits, bark and even roots are medicinal. Each part of neem possesses the capacity of treating some disease from ancient times they are used to treat inflammation, skin diseases, heart and blood related disease, diabetes and 100 of other disease.

2. Neem controls soil acidifications:

Neem leaves are a little alkaline in nature, their PH value is somewhere around 8.2 due to wich they help in neutralizing acidic soil.

3. Neem can reduce air pollution:

Neem leaves are very densely populated and also grow in great amounts that is why they absorb more carbon dioxide, oxides of Sulphur and nitrogen.

4. Neem helps in temperature control

Fully grown healthy neem tree during summer can reduce the temperature of its surroundings significantly. It can reduce the temperature up to 10 degrees than the existing temperature.

5. Neem is organic and safe pesticide:

Anciently neem leaves and seeds where used as pest control. Neem is such a pest controller and repeller which without any health and environment consequences saves our crops, grains and houses naturally.

6. Neem is used for oral hygiene:

Twigs of memes are used as tooth brush these are among the most initially used tooth brushes and many people also chew neem leaves, this maintains PH level of saliva and it is considered excellent for oral hygiene.

7. Neem trees are ideal for cities:

These trees are found thriving in even harsh conditions in availability of less water and presence of pollution and in acidic soil, they save themselves. This trees also help in soil restoration.

Neem Twigs used as toothbrush

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