Baby Development Month By Month

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Month 1

An embryo represents your unborn child at this time. The minor bleeding that occasionally occurs as the embryo fuses to the uterus is known as implantation haemorrhage. The baby’s face and neck structures begin to take shape from this point on. Blood arteries and other important organs, including the heart, liver, lungs, and stomach, begin to form.

Month 2

Now a foetus, the embryo measures half an inch long. Eyelids, ears, and a nose begin to develop. The fingers and toes on the arms and legs are noticeably longer.

Month 3

Your infant is now 2 inches long and has begun to move. Through specialised equipment, the doctor might be able to hear the baby’s heartbeat. Additionally, the baby begins to develop sex organs.

Month 4

Your infant now measures roughly 4.3 inches. The blood arteries and heart have finished developing. There are prints on the toes and fingers. The infant’s eyes begin to blink as well.

Month 5

Your baby is now approximately 6 inches long and up to 10 ounces in weight. The infant is now able to yawn, stretch, make faces, and thumbsuck. You will now begin to experience quickening, which are minute fluttering motions. When an ultrasound is performed, the beating heart and the infant’s movements can be seen. Additionally, the gender is now clear.

Month 6

The baby’s inner ear is fully formed, and he or she has begun to respond to sounds. The mother can also feel the hiccups that the baby has. This is a result of growing lungs. Your infant ought to be close to 1.4 pounds at this point.

Month 7

Your infant is currently 2.6 pounds and is constantly shifting positions. The chances of a baby surviving a premature birth are really good right now. 

Month 8

From this point on, the baby’s movements become more frequent. Your doctor might advise you to keep an eye on the movements of the foetus at this time. Currently weighing around 4 pounds, the baby will start to gain weight quickly until delivery. Any remaining wrinkles in the baby’s skin disappear, and a fat layer develops on top of it.

Month 9

Your baby’s brain is now beginning to develop quickly. When the lungs are fully formed, the baby begins to position itself (often head first) toward the pelvis. Your kid will be at an early term in a week (at 37 weeks precisely). Now, at week 37 of your pregnancy, the doctor will determine whether you are prepared to give birth. 

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