Ashok Sundari – Daughter Of Shiva And Parvati

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Most people who are familiar with Hindu culture are aware that Lord Shiva and his wife Goddess Parvati had two sons: Skanda (Kartikeya, Murugan), who rose to become the Gods’ commanders, and Ganesha, the elephant-headed God of knowledge. But the Divines also had a daughter named Ashok Sundari, who was also born in an unusual way. The Padma Purana, which chronicles her narrative, makes reference to her. In South India, the deity is primarily venerated as Bala Tripurasundari.

Parvati desired a daughter to lessen her loneliness, therefore the Kalpavriksha, wish-fulfillment tree was used to make Ashok Sundari. She coined the terms that are part of her name. Sundari, which means beautiful girl, and Ashoka, which means grief, allude to the relief of Parvati’s shock.

Birth Story of Ashok Sundari

The Padma Purana goes into great detail on Ashok Sundari’s birth narrative. Lord Shiva and Parvati reportedly resided on Mount Kailash. Parvati once expressed a desire to go for a stroll around Nandanvan’s lovely forest. Shiva and Parvati observed the scenery while out on a stroll, but the Goddess particularly liked one tree. This tree, according to Shiva, is Kalpavriksha, a tree that satisfies all wishes. Parvati wished it would produce a lovely girl since she wanted to try it. It was quickly complied with.

Why did you make me, the young girl addressed Parvati. What am I to do as per your request? I only wanted to satiate my curiosity, Parvati said. But since you’ve been made, I’ll call you Ashokasundari. A king named Nahusha will be born in the lunar dynasty in the future; he will be your husband.

Ashok Sundari thus became the child of Parvati and Shiva, who brought her up. And Parvati grew quite close to the attractive girl.

Curse to Asura Hunda

Despite her mother’s objections, Ashok sundari went to the wilderness to practice asceticism when her youth was passed. Asura Hunda noticed her and became enraged with a desire to possess her. Ashok sundari angrily declined his offer to make her his wife, claiming that she had already been wed to Nahusha by her parents. However, the asura was unable to accept his loss.

In an attempt to abduct the girl, Hunda assumed the identity of a widow whose husband had been murdered by him and requested Ashok sundari escort her to her home. In disguise, the goddess travelled with the Asura to his palace. When she discovered his duplicity, she cursed Nahusha to murder him and ran away to her parents’ house on Mount

Marriage to Nahusha

Asura Hunda attempted to assassinate Nahusha when he was only a young child at the time. However, the little prince was protected by his parents in Vasishtha’s ashram. He grew up there. Then, everything that was anticipated happened. Ashoka sundari is abducted by Hunda, who claims to have killed Nahusha.

A married couple comforted the goddess by informing her of Nahusha’s wellbeing and foretelling that she will give birth to a powerful son named Yayati and one hundred lovely daughters. After a bloody struggle, Nahusha overcame Hunda and saved Ashok sundari, his wife.

Nahusa eventually took over as the Swarga’s king while Indra was away. Indra was cursed and brought to ruin because of his arrogance. Nahusha was awarded his throne while he was away, but Indra later reclaimed it.

Unknown but interesting facts about Ashok sundari

According to legend, Ashok sundari was present when Shri Ganesha was decapitated and, out of dread for her parents, she hid under a salt sack. Lord Shiva eventually won her over. She is therefore comparable to salt, which gives life its flavor. Okha is another name for Ashok Sundari, and in Chaitra, salt is not purchased in her honour.

Ashok Sundari received a boon from Mata Parvati, who was delighted to see her daughter, promising that she would marry a strong man like Devraj Indra.

Ashok sundari represents beauty and aspirations produced through commitment and wisdom. Hunda stands for evil and greed. Nahusha stands for studying yoga, righteousness, goodness, and bravery.

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