Artur Fischer – Patent Genius | Inventor Of Camera Flash Synchronizes And Secure Wall Screws

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Artur Fischer, the son of the local tailor Georg Fischer, was born in Tumlingen. In order to make ends meet, his mother Pauline ironed collars. She noticed her son’s potential for mechanics and supported him at every turn, helping him build up a workshop at home and purchasing the German equivalent of an Erector Set.

Fischer escaped from the Battle of Stalingrad in the Second World War on the last plane, and later in the conflict, he was captured in Italy and taken to an English POW camp. In 1946, he moved back to his hometown and started creating lighters and loom switches out of wartime surplus while working as an assistant at an engineering firm. He started his own business, the Fischer Group, in 1948.


He created synchronized flash light photography in 1949, which the camera manufacturer Agfa later bought. His epiphany was to sync an electric flash with the camera shutter after failing to photograph his young daughter inside.


His most well-known creation is the grey “S Plug” (Split-)Wallplug, which has been produced since 1958 and comes in a variety of forms and sizes (see Wall plug). Fischer surpassed Thomas Alva Edison, who had 1093 patents, and had more than 1100 patents. Fischer created fischertechnik and had 5867 trade rights.

Further inventions are (bone-)plugs for fixing bone fractures and one of Fischer’s most recent inventions is a gadget that makes it possible to hold and cut the top off an egg of any size. He got started on the problem when a hotel owner complained to him that his guests, on opening their boiled eggs for breakfast, always made a mess.

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