Are Human Bites Dangerous?

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The risk of a human bite is very high.

Saliva rather than teeth is the real threat here.

Due to the abundance of particularly harmful microorganisms, it is highly pathogenic.

Compared to animal bites, human bites result in an infection far more frequently.

An external sign of a dog bite, for instance, can be the tearing away of bigger patches of skin. Yet, only 10% to 20% of dog bites result in illnesses. On the other hand, the risk is between 45 and 55 percent for human bites.

Human teeth are quite powerful but not particularly sharp, thus you can hurt internal, subcutaneous things (like tendons) without rupturing the skin.

Moreover, a human bite can transmit diseases like hepatitis.

You must visit a doctor if you have such a bite.

Yet, a large majority of bites from people occur during intercourse, not during conflicts.

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