How Did April 1 Become April Fools Day

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What is April Fools Day?

Every year on April 1st, practical jokes, and pranks are common. April Fools Day! is frequently spoken loudly and proudly at the target of a practical joke to reveal its true nature. There have been hundreds of years of this tradition, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

There is no denying that one of the most well-known secular festivals in the West is April Fools Day. Coworkers still play practical jokes on one another, kids still trick their parents, and yes, even the major news organizations still do it. But why? How did it grow to be a global holiday and what is its history? The truth is that no one truly knows the true, non-pulling-your-leg genesis of April Fools Day.

April Fools Day history

The Roman festival of Hilaria, a springtime celebration conducted around March 25 in honor of the “first day of the year longer than the night,” is one practice that may have been an early precursor to the birth of April Fool Day. Games, processions, and masquerades were all part of the festivities, which allowed disguised commoners to pretend to be nobility for malicious ends.

The earliest written references to didn’t occur until several hundred years later, so it’s difficult to determine whether the similarities between this ancient celebration and modern April Fools Day are real or just coincidental.

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Is April Fools Day observed globally?

Although April 1st is formally regarded as a national holiday, several nations have adopted the custom of pulling practical jokes on or around that day.

For instance, on April 1st, France celebrates April Fools Day by yelling “Poisson d’Avril!” and sticking paper fish onto as many people as they can. Children typically engage in this more often than adults do.

Greece holds the belief that pulling out a successful prank on this day will bring the prankster luck for the entire year.

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