Which animal conducts process of digestion outside the body?

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Many starfish evolved a remarkable Method of feeding. A better name any starfish evolved a remarkable for starfish would be sea-star, since it lives in the sea, and is shaped like a star and especially, because it is NOT a fish. Members of a group of animals known as ‘Echinoderms’ (from the Greek words for “Spiny-skinned”), bring out their stomach through their mouth and begin the process of digesting their prey outside the body.

After locating its prey by sensing chemicals that are released, the starfish wraps its arms around it tightly. When the star fish has a secure grip on its victim, it anchors the ends of its arms firmly to the seabed. It then retracts its tube feet, a manoeuvre that exerts sufficient force on it prey. Then the starfish can extrude its stomach into the body cavity of the prey and begin to digest its victim with enzymes released from its intestine. Once the food is partly digested, tiny hairs on the surface of the stomach create a current that carries the food into the starfish’s body, where digestion is completed.

Starfish are remarkable for their ability to regrow lost body parts. Even if half of its body is destroyed, it can regrow the lost part. Some species can regrow a whole new body from a single arm that has been cut away.

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