Amazing facts about snakes you must know

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fact 1 : Snakes smell with their tongue

Although, snake have nostril they use to breath with but they have a special organ called Jacobson’s organ. They are present on the upper part of snakes mouth. That is why snake bring out their tongue to transfer messages and information to Jacobson’s organ which helps them to find about their mates.

Fact 2: Snakes use their jaws to listen

The jaws of the snake are quiet sensitive and they are connected to their hearing mechanism they use this to feel the sound vibrations of their surroundings to listen to their sound.

Fact 3: Snakes don’t have eye lids

Due to the lack of eye lids, Theycannot blink without these they cant even close their eyes. but instead of eye lids, they have a thin membrane in their eyes that is known as brills. Brills help in protecting the retina of the eye.

Fact 4: Snakes can survive for long without food

Depending on their species, it can survive for few weeks or few months without any food. Infact in extreme conditions they can survive upto 2 years without food. Snakes take a huge amount of time to digest their meals and that is why they go into the rest mode after a meal.

Fact 5: snakes are very old as a species

Recent fossil studies have found 4 new snake fossils that their existence can be traced back upto 167 million years back. They even existed at the time of dinosaurs as well.

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