7 Lesser known facts about Aloe vera

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Aloe Vera plants are air purifier

The painted walls in our homes consists of VOC ( voletine organic compound).This compound is very bad for both for our health and air. Aloe vera helps in absorbing the same compound, resulting in purified air, and our improved health.

Aloe vera produces more oxygeb than many other plants

Most plants are able to produce oxygen only in the presence of sunlight.But aloe vera produces oxygen in the day time as well as at night.

Aloe vera have a lot of water in them

Aloe vera is known as succulent plants, as it has a lot pf water in them.It means that they are very juicy and tender as it has a lot of water content.Aloe vera is also known as wonder plant.

Aloe vera is good for animal health too

Humans have been useing aloe vera for medicines and cosmetics dureing ancient times.By spraying or rubbing aloe vera on animals skin can cure there skin rashes and bacterial infections and also helps in keeping the flees and mosquitoes away from them.

Aloe vera can grow even without soil

For the growth of aloe vera species, very less or sometimes no soil is required. This plant is found expanding its roots just in water,without any soil.

Aloe vera can also be used as food preservatives

An experiment done in span tells ous that aloe vera is also an excelent food preservative

Aloe vera helps in reducing sunburns

Due to global warming the earths temperature is increasing every year. The natural solution for sunburn is aloe vera gel.Aloe vera consists of mint like strong properties, as well as it keeps the burnt area hydrated. which helps in reliving the sunburn.

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