12 Japanese school rules that will shock you

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  • Some Japanese school girls cant wear tights even in winter. Because some school require that girls wear skirts only with knew socks.
  • For 6 years, School kids wear similar school bags that are called “randosery” in the most conservative schools girls were red randoserus while boys were black ones.
Japanese school rules
Japanese school rules
  • Many 1st graders were yellow hats so that those around them can notice them from a far.
Japanese school rules
Japanese school rules
  • In some schools, students are responsible for the cleanliness of the school. Each class cleans their own classrooms and special kids on duty wash the toilet and clean the playgrounds.
  • When entering the school kids leave their street shoes in lockers and put on uwabaki: special white slippers that are worn by everyone regardless of the age or gender.
  • Japanese schools have strict requirements for the way students look .Most schools forbid boys to shave their temples.
  • Many school forbids girls to apply makeup and they place their bottle with micellar water in each classroom. If teacher see a girl with makeup on they will her remove everything from her face.
  • Nearly half of all school require girls to have straight black hair. If her hair doesn’t meet these standards, then she will have to prove that she didn’t dye or curl her hair. For that she will have to show her real hair certificate sign by her parents and her childhood photos.
  • A typical high school students schedule includes both required and optional subjects school children learn to cook, keep a budget and discuss the importance of the family .Optional subjects sometimes includes fishing and agriculture.
  • Kids from 1st to 6th grades are in primary school in japan. Classes are shuffled every year and teachers change their places so that children’s meet new people.]
  • After the 6th grade, school kids move on too secondary school that lasts for 3 years. Its at this stage that most Japanese school kids start to were a mandatory uniform.
  • High school lasts from 10th to 12th grade. In order to move to grade 10th, school kids need to take an admission exam.

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