10 Facts You Never Knew about Human Tears

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Tears are produced in the lacrimal glands (tear ducts) that are in the outer corners of your eyelids. These glands produce tears from your blood plasma, selecting some components but not others. Here are a few facts you never knew about it:

  • Scientific tear-minology has its roots in lacrima, the Latin term for tear.
  • Babies do not immediately cry.
  • It’s beneficial to cry.
    However, sobbing might occasionally make you feel worse than if you hadn’t cried.
  • Ever ponder why your nose starts to run when you cry.
  • For ages, people believed that the human heart was the source of a tear.
  • Basal tear production slows down with age, which can cause dry eyes.
  • Crying’ in the Middle Ages was completely normal and even manly.
  • It is clear that onion tears are reflexive in nature.

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