10 Best Waterfalls In India

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There are thousands of waterfalls in India that are not only magnificent but also some of the tallest waterfalls in the entire world. In reality, a small or large waterfall may be found in every state in the country.

Jog Waterfalls in Karnataka

The Jog falls, the second-highest plunge falls in India, are situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka and originate from the Sharavathi river. It is one of the top ten highest waterfalls in the nation and plunges from an 830-foot height. It is surrounded by lush vegetation all around and is the highest non-tiered waterfall.

Talakona Waterfalls in Andhra Pradesh

The Talakona waterfalls, which have a height of 270 feet, are the tallest in Andhra Pradesh and one of the most beautiful in the nation due to their setting amidst forests and wildlife. It is situated in Chittoor’s Sri Venkateswara National Park. Additionally, due to the abundance of medicinal plants in the area, it is said that the water from the falls offers therapeutic benefits.

Bhimlat Falls in Rajasthan

The 60 m-tall Bhimlat waterfall is situated in the Bundi village. Not only is it fascinating, but it’s a wonder in and of itself to see a waterfall this lovely in Rajasthan. Additionally, it offers a stunning perspective against the state’s characteristic desert landscape. The monsoon season is the ideal time to go to the falls.

Courtallam Waterfalls in Tamil Nadu

The Courtallam falls are a collection of nine waterfalls that are situated near Courtallam in the Western Ghats. Since the waterfalls are surrounded by the Agasthya hills, they are beautiful from all angles.

Chitrakot Waterfalls in Chhattisgarh

It is a peaceful waterfall that falls from a height of 29 metres on the Indravati River in Jagdalpur, but during the monsoon, the waterfall takes on a furious form and falls with more force. The largest waterfall in India is Chitrakot Falls, which also has a beautiful backdrop of lush trees.

Khandadhar Waterfalls in Odisha

The waterfall is the tallest in Odisha and the twelfth tallest in all of India. situated in the Sundergarh district, amidst the Nandapani forest. The Khandadhar falls, which plunge from an elevation of 801 feet, provide a breathtaking view while being surrounded by lush forest on all sides.

Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya

Nohkalikai falls from a height of 1100 m, and because it is located in Cherrapunji, which has the most rainfall in the world, you can anticipate it to remain beautiful all year round. Visitors have access to a viewing gallery from which they may take in the falls’ scenery safely.

Dudhasagar Waterfalls in Goa

The Dudhasagar Falls, which have a height of 1,020 feet, are ranked 227 in the world. It comes from the Mandovi River in Goa and is one of the most popular tourist attractions there. The Bhagwan Mahavir wildlife sanctuary has the Dudhasagar waterfalls, which are located on the border between Karnataka and Goa.

Nohsngithiang Waterfalls in Meghalaya

Given that it is located in Mawsmai Village in the East Khasi Hills District, it is also known as the Mawsmai Falls. The fourth-tallest waterfall in the nation, Nohsngithiang Falls, is a well-known waterfall in Meghalaya. The waterfalls are at their most beautiful during the monsoon and thunder from a height of 1033 feet from Khasi hills.

Aathirappally Waterfalls in Kerala

There are many waterfalls in Kerala and it gets a lot of rain, yet when you mention a waterfall in Kerala, everyone thinks of Athirappally Falls. Its source is the Chalakudy River, which flows through the Vazhachal woods in Thrissur. The Falls, one of India’s best waterfalls, plunge from an 80-foot height.

The Aathirappally Falls are undoubtedly worth visiting at least once because of the lush surroundings and the intrigue of the forests that surround them. The greatest time to go is from June to September because the falls look their finest during the monsoon season.

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